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Sourcing CDMO Services?



A CDMO is a contract manufacturing and development organisation

-  for pharmaceutical products and their active ingredients  -



The international CDMO industry is  fragmented, crowded and complex.

We provide overview and insights

Save Time & Money - 

use our deep expertise when screening for CDMO -

and know how to speak to the potential partners.

We provide you the right portion of industry specific techno-commercial expertise. We coach the communication or take it on your behalf.

Are you planning to partner with Third Parties for Development

or Manufacturing of pharmaceutical products?

Seek platform independent guidance!

We provide support for:

  • define criteria for your supply chain with more than one CDMO

  • plan for successful execution of your outsourcing project

  • work with a shortlist of suitable CDMO partners

  • issue tailor made "Request for Proposal" documents

  • project management of tenders and contract closing phase

  • project management of transfers

  • business management of ongoing CDMO relationships

  • price negotiation

  • coaching and training

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